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PNG LNG Celebrates 10 Year Lanco Milestone

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Media Releases , 29 April 2013

Hospitals receive essential medical equipment repair kits

Eleven medical equipment repair technicians at three hospitals will receive essential biomedical repair kits for detecting faults and repairing important biomedical equipment, from Esso Highlands Limited. The biomedical equipment technicians received training in the United States with sponsorship fr...
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Media Releases , 25 April 2013

PNG LNG Project supports training for malaria diagnosis

A partnership between the PNG LNG Project and the Australian Army Malaria Institute (AMI) has seen 12 malaria microscopists attend a five-day course to sharpen their skills in diagnosing malaria. Microscopy is the term for using microscopes to view samples and objects that are too small to be seen w...
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Media Releases , 04 April 2013

Program enhances conservation capacity

Esso Highlands Limited, the operator of the PNG LNG Project, signed an agreement this week with Mama Graun Conservation Trust Fund to support a conservation management training program to enhance conservation skills in Papua New Guinea. Esso Highlands Limited will provide funding to Mama Graun over ...
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Media Releases , 04 March 2013

PNG LNG Project delivering long term opportunities

The PNG LNG Project has achieved major milestones in training for local citizens during the construction phase of the Project, with over 1.6 million hours of training delivered to date. Esso Highlands Limited Managing Director Peter Graham said increasing the skills of the workforce, while maintaini...
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Media Releases , 14 February 2013

PNG LNG offshore pipeline complete

The PNG LNG Project’s offshore pipeline is now complete following the final tie-in to the onshore pipeline in December 2012. The final tie-in – or connection – took place at the Omati landfall in the Omati River where the pipeline from the land (onshore) meets with the offshore (un...
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Media Releases , 16 January 2013

Project employee finishes strong at Plant site talent competition

If it wasn’t for her work colleagues, Naomi Billy would not have competed in the LNG’s Got Talent event held at the Plant site, just outside Port Moresby last month. “At first, I wasn’t going to enter, but my friends and co-workers persuaded me to join the competition,”...
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