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ExxonMobil has many internal policies and procedures to manage compliance with applicable laws and regulations in countries where the company operates. The company applies responsible standards in situations where laws and regulations do not exist.

In Papua New Guinea, ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) complies with all applicable national laws and regulations, as well as international environmental and social principles and standards, such as the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability. In addition, EMPNG applies the ExxonMobil Operations Integrity Management System to safeguard compliance. 

Regulatory compliance is the responsibility of all EMPNG workers and contractors and is managed by the Regulatory team.               

The team is supported by 85 regulatory representatives from different groups within the company who help steward compliance responsibilities and ensure all license and permit requirements, as well as any additional EMPNG requirements, are effectively communicated and actioned in the field.

The Regulatory team captures all requirements, assigned responsibilities and actions to achieve compliance in EMPNG’s regulatory compliance database. The database includes information about the requirements of nearly 2,400 active obligations from Papua New Guinean acts, regulations, laws, rules, agreements and approvals, as well as Lender Group requirements and international guidelines, where appropriate.  It also enables the Regulatory team to monitor more than 1,400 licenses and permits issued by the government to ensure timely reporting, a new application submission, and payments and renewals of licenses and permits to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

The database also manages more than 2,400 regulatory obligations, including many that are commitments outlined in the Environment and Social Management Plan.  

Regular interface and working meetings with the PNG Government and regulatory bodies assist in keeping EMPNG abreast of upcoming changes as well as to better understand the regulatory landscape in PNG.  A key focus area for compliance assurance is managing changes to regulatory requirements in EMPNG operations. This includes identifying regulatory changes, assessing impact to the organisation, communicating relevant changes, and amending existing operating processes and procedures to ensure sustained compliance.

Internal assessments within the company and external assessments such as those by the Independent Lender Consultants groups help to contribute towards identifying any gaps to ensure continuous improvement and promote a more robust and healthy compliance performance. 

EMPNG also conducts regular worker and contractor training and awareness regarding regulatory compliance requirements for PNG LNG.

EMPNG is committed to maintaining excellence in compliance and continues to operate responsibly in PNG.