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Training and development 

Building the skills of Papua New Guinean workers through training is part of our National Content mandate and an opportunity to leave a lasting, positive legacy for PNG.

During construction, we employed more than 10,000 Papua New Guineans for Project activities. To develop the technical and professional skills needed, we delivered more than two million hours of training through 13,000 training programs.

These individuals worked across all facets of the Project, from management roles to technical positions to catering and security.

Many have remained with us and are now contributing to the success of our PNG LNG production operations. The benefits of our training programs are also showing broader benefits with workers transferring their new-found skills to jobs with other Papua New Guinea businesses.

Today, our workforce stands at more than 2,700 with Papua New Guineans making up 91 percent of that workforce.

We continue to provide many thousands of hours of training every year because we know training provides an opportunity to build skills and knowledge and expose workers to new challenges and working environments.

Workforce training is provided through a combination of in-house training, on-the-job training and externally delivered courses and focuses on developing the technical skills of the production workforce, including building the capacity of graduate engineers and Operations and Maintenance trainees.

Other non-technical courses cover Operations Integrity Management System training, individual effectiveness training, business conduct and legal compliance, cyber security awareness and fundamentals of safety.