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Community investment guidelines

We have initiated, implemented and supported a wide range of community-orientated projects throughout the PNG LNG Project area and continue to invest in the community to promote economic growth and improve the standard of living in PNG.

We do this through our strategic community investment aimed at:

  • Aligning our social investment with long-term operation priorities
  • Support government and community development priorities
  • Build community resilience and capacity
  • Rigorous opportunity assessment

We fund programs that:

  • Align with our key development areas:  civic and community, health, environment, education and livelihood support and law and justice
  • Align with our Community Development Support Management Plan and its key focus areas: capacity building, community resilience, women’s empowerment and infrastructure support
  • Demonstrate broad community benefits and support
  • Meet community needs in a way that is compatible with our business interests
  • Are located within the PNG LNG Project area

Typically, we choose to work with community organisations where the PNG LNG Project and the community group has an established relationship or where a close working relationship can be developed.

We do not typically fund programs that:

  • Do not align with ExxonMobil PNG business policies
  • Include overseas projects, travel grants, political donations, religious donations, support for individuals, private enterprises, international aid, conferences, ongoing salaries, one-off campaigns, profit-driven organisation operating costs, projects that are ongoing or capital expenses, fuel donations, competition, prizes and awards
  • Are not geographically located in an area where we do business. However, we do provide corporate support for certain national program initiatives.


Written requests are required and there are no application forms or deadlines. Applications should be sent to:

Attn: Strategic Community Investment
Public and Government Affairs
ExxonMobil PNG Limited
GPO Box 118
Port Moresby NCD
Papua New Guinea
Telephone +675 309 7111

Please note: All proposal requests considered for funding are subject to ExxonMobil PNG community investment guidelines:

  • A registered entity with Investment Promotion Authority
  • Have an existing bank account and capacity to provide an expenditure report
  • Proven track record of doing community or development work

We reserve the right to refuse or approve proposals and set conditions on proposals considered for funding. Priority will be given to proposals from within the PNG LNG Project area, which aligns and complements our community investment focus and priorities.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our strategic community investment team via the contact us page.