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Strategic community investment 

The overall objective of our strategic community investments is to enhance sustainable economic development. This includes programs that focus on health, education, agriculture and other livelihood support programs, law and justice, environment and civic and community support. The initiatives include training, strengthening community resilience, women’s empowerment and infrastructure support.

Our approach is based on partnerships and participation. We work with communities and government agencies to identify, define and prioritise potential programs that build the capacity of individuals and community institutions.


Women's empowerment

Providing opportunities to women is something we are very passionate about.


Environment programs

Through partnerships and investments we are helping to protect the environment.



We believe that education is the key to economic empowerment and that all Papua New Guineans should have the opportunity to learn and feel empowered.


Community health

The PNG LNG community health program is a holistic effort to support the health of Papua New Guineans.


Livelihoods support programs

Through our livelihoods support, we are building the capacity of communities.


Earthquake relief and recovery

We are supporting communities to recover from the earthquake.


Community investment guidelines

We have initiated, implemented and supported a wide range of community-orientated projects.