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Community health 

The PNG LNG community health program is a holistic effort to support the health of Papua New Guineans. We have partnered with the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) and are working closely with NGOs and other companies to implement public health initiatives for communities.

These efforts enhance the community health program objectives and strengthen the delivery of key health messages to the community. To further build capacity and sustainable infrastructure, we also identify opportunities where we can support local communities, such as training for health care workers and infrastructure improvements to community clinics.


Community Health Impact Management Program

This program was developed in partnership with PNGIMR to improve PNG’s data collection and health diagnostics. The partnership enabled PNGIMR to expand its integrated Health Demographic Surveillance System (iHDSS) to monitor the impact of the PNG LNG Project on the health of communities in Project areas. The system is providing an evidence base for curative and preventive interventions targeting key health problems. The iHDSS is in place at Project locations to systematically collect objective health, social and demographic data.

As part of the program, we worked with the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Medicine and Health to fund, build and outfit the National Infectious Disease Diagnostic and Research Laboratory which is now managed by PNGIMR. The health program is improving the availability of health data and trends, health systems, capacity development and clinical support at Project locations. These activities will ultimately enhance local, provincial and national health care delivery within PNG.

Texas Children's Hospital

The Texas Children’s Hospital program is part of the Public Private Partnership between the Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, National Department of Health and University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The partnership is made possible with the US $4.3 million grant by ExxonMobil, to support key initiatives in education and health.

The program includes placing specialist doctors from the United States in PNG to provide faculty support to UPNG through lectures and supervision of research programs by students. At Port Moresby General Hospital, the specialist doctors are treating patients with severe acute malnutrition and are delivering educational lectures and mentoring PNG doctors and nurses. 

Medical equipment supplies

We work towards a partnered approach to expand health support to hospitals and key health centres. Through a strategic partnership with Project Cure, PNG Tribal Foundation and wife of the former PNG Prime Minister, Mrs. Lynda O’Neill, five hospitals are receiving medical equipment supplies from Project Cure.

Over K4 million was raised for the medical supplies which were delivered to hospitals at Tari, Lae, Port Moresby, Mendi and Daru. The supplies were based off a needs assessment conducted by Project Cure in 2015 and included items such as general surgery packs, obstetrician supplies, biopsy needles and kits, lab supply kits, microscopes, nebulisers and pumps.

Medical Symposium

Our health support goes beyond investing in programs and infrastructure; we also strive to invest in platforms that encourage policy ideas and dialogue. To facilitate discussion around women’s health we provided funds to the Women’s Doctors Association to host the 2015 PNG Medical Symposium for the first time in its 50-year history. The symposium was attended by over 500 participants including senior national and international health practitioners who came together to address the status of women’s health issues in PNG. ExxonMobil PNG continues to support these symposiums to enable think tanks to come together and address critical health issues in PNG.

Sir Theophilus Foundation 

We have supported the Sir Theophilus Foundation since 2014 with funding to enable the foundation to host key fundraising activities to assist Port Moresby General Hospital. Funds raised go towards improving the hospital's corporate governance including auditing, annual reports and training for the health workers. The Foundation works in partnership with the hospital to recruit specialist clinicians and health administration staff to help build capacity and fill staffing gaps.

PNG Cancer Foundation

Formed in 2014 through a partnership between the PNG Department of Health and Cancer Council Australia, the PNG Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the threat and impact of cancer through successful prevention, treatment and support. With funding from PNG LNG and the Foundation’s fundraising events, over 3000 Papua New Guineans have received free screening for mouth and breast cancer and public awareness events have been held throughout PNG.

Health service providers

We are supporting local health service providers surrounding our Project facilities to improve health care services available to communities. Our support is determined by the needs of the clinics and includes donations of ambulances to support transportation of pregnant women and to assist with transportation of critical patients to larger hospitals. Our support also extends to infrastructure upgrades such as new maternal and labour wards, staff housing and installation of water tanks and solar lights to assist with a constant supply of clean water and electricity to the facilities.