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PNG LNG is about more than developing the gas resources of Papua New Guinea it's also about developing people and capacity, and creating and delivering long-term benefits to local communities.


We understand the importance of working with the community, particularly within our Project footprint.

We engage with communities to develop relationships and create opportunities for future generations. These relationships are vital to the success of PNG LNG.

Our approach to long-term capacity building has seen communities become more self-sustaining and share their knowledge and success with others.

We strive to maintain the support of our neighbours and the wider community so benefits associated with PNG LNG can be enjoyed by the people of PNG.

National Content

There are three areas that underpin our National Content efforts toward capacity building in PNG: workforce development, supplier development, and strategic community investments.

Our approach to capacity building focuses on creating jobs, educating and training Papua New Guinean employees and suppliers, transferring knowledge and skills, buying local goods and services and investing in communities to create sustainable benefits.

Through our focus on local skills development, empowerment and ownership, benefits from PNG LNG are sustainable over the long-term.

Strategic community investment

The overall objective of our strategic community investments is to enhance sustainable economic development.


Supplier development

We are committed to creating opportunities for local businesses to grow and prosper.


Workforce development

Our workforce is our greatest asset. Through the efforts of our people we have created an enviable reputation.


Stakeholder engagement

The PNG LNG Project could not have happened without the support and valued input from a wide variety of stakeholders, the most important of whom were the people and Government of Papua New Guinea.

The importance of engaging with stakeholders was recognised and addressed from the earliest planning stages. Throughout construction, we worked to establish two-way dialogue, so stakeholders could provide their views, and we developed clear mechanisms for responding to people’s concerns, suggestions and grievances.

We continue to engage with our stakeholders to ensure they are kept well-informed of our production operations and to maintain the safe and reliable delivery of LNG.


Developing and maintaining positive relationships with communities was vital to the success of PNG LNG.



We actively engage all levels of government within Papua New Guinea to ensure relevant government representatives are kept well informed of PNG LNG production activities.



We provide sponsorship support to a range of local events, community organisations and sporting teams.

PNG LNG Kumuls and PNG Hunters

We are proud sponsors of Papua New Guinea’s two major rugby league teams – The PNG LNG Kumuls and PNG Hunters.


Sponsorship guidelines

We provide sponsorship support to a range of local events, community organisations and sporting teams.