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Hides Gas Conditioning Plant

The Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) is located just outside of the township of Hides in PNG’s Hela Province. 

The plant processes up to 1 billion standard cubic feet of gas gathered from eight wells each day.

At the plant, gas, condensate and water are separated and treated before being sent via separate pipelines to other facilities in PNG for further handling.

The gas is transported along a 700-kilometre-long pipeline to the LNG Plant near Port Moresby where it is converted into liquid form, ready for shipping.

Around 30,000 barrels of condensate is also produced at the Plant daily. After separation, the condensate is directed along its own pipeline to the Kutubu Central Processing Facility and later the Kumul terminal for export.

These production demands are met by more than 450 production staff who work around the clock every day of the year.

In 2010, construction of this world class facility began, and despite many challenges it was completed months ahead of schedule in 2014.

The nearby Komo Airfield, the longest airstrip in PNG, was built to address some of the obstacles that hindered construction including poor highway infrastructure, rugged terrain and unstable and inconsistent soils. These factors made it dangerous and at times impossible to transport people and over-sized equipment into the site. A total of 88 Antonov aircraft loads landed at Komo during construction. The airfield is now used to transport workers to and from Port Moresby.