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LNG Plant

The LNG Plant is located 20 kilometres northwest of Port Moresby, at Caution Bay on the south coast of PNG’s Central Province.

The LNG Plant receives natural gas from the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant through a 700-kilometre pipeline.

The LNG process involves removing impurities and cooling the gas down to a temperature cold enough to turn it into liquid form. Once achieved, the LNG is moved to specialised storage tanks. From there, the LNG goes through a pipeline connected to the jetty where it loads onto LNG carriers. These ships then export the LNG to the international market.

Our operations have the capacity to produce more than 8.3 million tonnes of LNG annually, an increase of 20 percent from the original design specification of 6.9 million tonnes per annum (MTA).

Condensate, a low-density mixture of hydrocarbon liquids recovered through the gas liquefaction process, is also stored and loaded onto tankers for export at the LNG Plant.

Main LNG Plant facilities include:

  • Two LNG process trains
  • Two 160,000 cubic metre LNG storage tanks 
  • Marine loading terminal for LNG tankers up to 215,000 cubic metres
  • Camp facilities, including accommodation and amenities, administration office, medical centre, emergency helipad and sport and recreation centre

At the LNG Plant, we developed mitigations to minimise our impact on the environment throughout our activities. This included adjusting our facilities and construction methods to limit impacts on existing vegetation and to preserve the estuary of the Vaihua River and archaeological sites.

A perimeter security fence around the site establishes a land exclusion zone, meeting air quality and noise standards at the nearest villages.