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Laba Holdings Limited 

Laba Holdings Limited was formed in 2009 to support ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) with the supply of local labour hire during the construction phase of the LNG Plant at Caution Bay in PNG’s Central Province.

As the umbrella Representative Landowner Company for the four villages closely situated to the LNG Plant, Laba represents the interests of Porebada Holdings Limited, Boera Holdings Limited, Papa Resources Development Limited and BuriaRearea Caution Bay Limited.

During construction, Laba was instrumental in providing the labour required to help construct PNG’s first LNG plant, employing almost 2,500 Papua New Guineans from surrounding villages for roles at the LNG Plant. 

Since its establishment, Laba has flourished into a successful business that now employs approximately 350 workers, including over 50 women, to complete labour supply services in catering, camp maintenance, security, transport and civil work.   

In January 2013, the company transitioned into supporting PNG LNG as a standalone business, a milestone which Laba describes as one of its proudest moments. By becoming a standalone business, the company was no longer reliant on funding and was able to begin independently bidding for their own work and building their asset base.

When the PNG LNG Project transitioned from construction to production operations, Laba faced the challenge of adapting their business operations to address the reduction of labour needed by PNG LNG.

EMPNG worked with Laba to identify labour requirements for production operations and now provides workers for skilled labour and tradesman roles at the LNG Plant.

Through the IBBM Enterprise Centre, EMPNG also worked closely with Laba to complete a series of business assessments, training, development, mentoring and succession planning courses to further expand their business offering and capabilities.

As a result of the training courses, Laba is now more efficient at bidding for new business and identifying assets to acquire to further build their business.

As part of their diversification plan, Laba sought quarry permits from the government for three sites in the Hiri West District which have now been granted. Laba plans to produce gravel and gravel products to sell to national companies, local small businesses and the general public.

The ability to expand services after the construction phase of PNG LNG has enabled Laba to continue operating, benefiting surrounding villages with employment opportunities.

Laba is focused on growing its business opportunities through existing contracts and exploring joint venture options where resources and technical capabilities can be developed. The company is positioning itself to be a capable landowner company to secure contracts in the oil, gas, civil and construction industries.