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Owen: Operations Technician Trainee  

Operations Technician Trainee Owen is turning his dreams of working in the LNG industry into a reality.

In 2014, Owen made the decision to apply to the ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) Operations and Maintenance Program after completion of his electrical engineering studies at Papua New Guinea’s University of Technology.

He was inspired to work for the company after witnessing EMPNG staff professionally conducting themselves in his home village in Hela Province.

Soon after, he was accepted to the program which Owen describes as his greatest life achievement to date.

Since joining the program, Owen has completed a year of basic skills training where he learnt about the oil and gas processes and products. Following that he completed eight months of advanced skills training specific to the Operations of the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant.

Owen is now undertaking facility specific training at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant where he is training to become a facility operator and learning from experienced mentors.

During his time with EMPNG, he has embraced the safety values of the company and takes pride in being a safety leader to ensure staff are following the correct safety procedures and protocols while working at the plant.

“The program is teaching me about the production, exploration and drilling of gas and oil, safety discipline and integrating honesty and team work in the workplace,” said Owen.

The most important lessons Owen is learning from the program is safety which he takes home to teach his family and community.

“I’m proud of the economic impact ExxonMobil PNG has made in Hela Province from improving schools and hospitals to building community centres to assisting in training, education and crop regeneration,” he said.

Aside from the technical skills and training he is gaining from the Program, Owen enjoys working at EMPNG because of their community values and focus on staff safety.

Owen’s future looks bright, filled with goals to work hard, work safely and learn as much as he can about the oil and gas industry.

He has his sights set on a position as an EMPNG expert where he can one day lead the company.

Owen was part of the third intake of trainees to be involved with the Operations and Maintenance trainee program and graduated in December 2015. Owen is now working as an Operations Technician Trainee at Hides Gas Conditioning Plant.