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Gerard: Production Engineer 

Gerard had a long held ambition to work in the oil and gas industry, which is what prompted him to apply for a position in ExxonMobil PNG’s (EMPNG) Graduate Engineer program.

Following the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of PNG in 2010, Gerard was accepted into the program and was honoured to be one of the first Papua New Guineans to commence a graduate engineer position with EMPNG.

His road to engineering success continued in Melbourne, where he was relocated to commence a role as a graduate facilities surveillance engineer with ExxonMobil’s Australian affiliate, allowing him to gain hands-on experience from mentors and industry experts.

In 2012, Gerard returned to PNG at the peak of the PNG LNG’s construction to the position of facilities surveillance engineer. The scale of the PNG LNG Project in his home country was finally understood during Gerard’s first visit to Hides.

“Seeing the Project from the air and in such a remote location gave me a genuine appreciation of the scale of the Project and the achievement of the team for overcoming challenges during construction.”

As the construction phase came to a close, Gerard moved into the position of Production Planning Coordinator and Gas Management System engineer. Gerard describes his achievements in this role as some of his proudest career moments, particularly the delivery of the Gas Management System.

“The chance to work on the start-up of a project the size and scale of PNG LNG is something that few engineers get to experience – particularly at the very start of their career. Without the graduate program, I may not have had the opportunity to be involved in such a unique experience.”

The opportunity for great diversity is one of Gerard’s most enjoyable aspects of his role with EMPNG.

“Working with many teams gave me a good understanding of ExxonMobil and its values, particularly those of safety, teamwork and integrity. The challenges that come with working with many different cultural backgrounds has been an experience that has shaped me for the better.”

The lessons he learned from industry experts, practical experience, global operations and a global network colleagues set the foundation to build a truly exciting career with EMPNG.

Gerard is now a Production Engineer with the Reservoir and Subsurface Engineering team and supports the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant from his new home base in Melbourne.