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Media Releases, 18 October 2019

Scholarship to support students in PNG LNG Project areas

Scholarship to support students in PNG LNG Project areas
Gulf Province Governor, Hon. Chris Haiveta; Hela Province Governor, Hon. Philip Undialu; BPW President, Jessinta Wagambie; ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director, Andrew Barry; and Central Province Governor, Hon. Robert Agarobe, at the launch of the BPW-PNG LNG Scholarship Program
  • Partnership with the aim of providing more opportunity to further education 
  • Scholarship launched to support students and youth from PNG LNG Project areas

A new private sector and non-governmental organisation partnership with the aim of supporting students and youth from four provinces in the PNG LNG Project area was announced last night (17 October 2019) in Port Moresby. 

ExxonMobil PNG, operator of the PNG LNG Project, in collaboration with the Business & Professional Women’s Association (BPW), a not-for-profit organisation have launched a scholarship program aimed at supporting students from Hela, Southern Highlands, Gulf, and Central Provinces to further their education at vocational schools, technical colleges, or universities throughout the country.

Managing Director of ExxonMobil PNG, Andrew Barry, said ExxonMobil PNG is committed to building human, social, and economic capacity in a way that benefits people, communities, and businesses over the long-term.

“We have long said education is the cornerstone to Papua New Guinea’s future. It is our hope that this program will positively impact youth from the PNG LNG Project areas by providing them with the opportunity to further their education so they can return and contribute to the development of their home communities and the nation,” he said. 

A minimum of thirty scholarships will be awarded to students with relevant entry-level qualifications from across PNG LNG Project areas in 2020 made possible by a PGK 300,000 grant from the PNG LNG Project.

President of BPW, Jessinta Wagambie, said this new partnership will provide enhanced career opportunities for young people.

“We have supported over 2200 women and girls to date to complete their studies because we believe by educating the women, we are empowering them to take care of themselves, their families and their community. This partnership is chartering new ground for us by adding male students to our scholarship, which we have never done before, and we are really excited about it,” she said. 

ExxonMobil PNG, via the PNG LNG Project, is one of the largest private investors in Papua New Guinea, with 3200 staff, 86 percent of whom are Papua New Guinean.

ExxonMobil PNG is committed to driving economic growth and producing significant, lasting benefits for the people of PNG.