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Media Releases, 25 January 2021

Sam the Man

Sam the Man
Sam Koyama with one of Fasu clan leaders from Kutube, Southern Highlands Province back in 2007, before the PNG LNG Project construction starts. Sam is currently EMPNG’s Public Policy and Issue Manager.

In 2005 Sam Koyama, affectionately known to his colleagues and friends as 'Sam the Man' was approached to work on the development of PNG LNG. Sam explains why he knew he wanted to be involved even though, at the time, the Project was still at the conceptual stage. 

"I knew I wanted to be involved, it was a risk I was willing to take. This was an opportunity to make a lasting mark on both the nation and me personally," said Sam who has is known for his work supporting community affairs in the oil and gas sector. 

Three years later, when a formal Gas Agreement was signed, Sam was mobilised as part of the Project’s community affairs team to help make the PNG LNG Project a reality.

In 2009, Sam worked with landowners and government representatives to discuss landowner benefits. 

When he reflects on what he's enjoyed most over the last 15 years, he says the complexity of the work and managing relationships between communities, government, and the Project is foremost in his mind.

"Working on the Project has taught me the importance of having a vision and a clear goal: always begin with the end in mind."

Sam believes that the vision of the PNG LNG Project was achieved because of the quality of people working towards a shared set of objectives who are "the most brilliant minds in the industry".

"When I look around, I see a fully functioning operation that serves as a model for the industry. I see young Papua New Guineans working across all kinds of technical fields, and I see management trainees.

"This is what ExxonMobil does. They lay a solid foundation for development to take place, both on the ground and within individuals themselves. This is how you change the society for the better, and it has been my greatest privilege to be part of the team," he concluded.