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Media Releases, 15 October 2020

PNG Rugby Football League conducts Coaching Clinic in Komo, Hela Province

PNG Rugby Football League conducts Coaching Clinic in Komo, Hela Province
The coaching and training clinic is spearheaded by PNG Hunters and PNG LNG Kumuls Coach Michael Marum with the assistance of head trainer Solomon Kuluniasi.

A two day coaching and training clinic run by the PNG LNG Kumuls and PNG Hunters coach, Michael Marum, was offered to the men’s and women’s teams participating in the Komo Rugby Football League Association’s (KRFLA) on 29 September to 1st October.

The coaching and training clinic was made possible with the support of ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG), the operator of the PNG LNG project and proud sponsor of the PNG LNG Kumuls since 2013.

The PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) team that flew with Coach Michael Marum to assist with the training and coaching sessions were assistant head trainer Solomon Kuluniasi and PNG Hunters player, Enock Maki.

Coach Marum was proud of the participants. He noted that poor weather conditions did not stop the young men and women from turning up at the newly refurbished Komo sports field to undergo the coaching session. 

“The teams played the game with passion. The wet and muddy conditions didn’t damper the player’s enthusiasm.

The female participants in the coaching course were great ambassadors for gender equality, something that was a welcoming sight.”

“We were impressed by how the participants took to learning the skills. We want to return and see their development. How they are progressing and improving,” Coach Marum said.

KRFLA vice president, John Karipe, expressed his gratitude to ExxonMobil PNG for facilitating the visit by the PNGRFL.

“The coaching and training provided our players with invaluable lessons, and we are grateful to coach Marum, Assistant Coach Solomon Kuluniasi and PNG Hunters player Enock Maki.

“We hope they can return soon to work with our players as well as our referees,” Karipe said.

The coaching and training clinic is a program initiated by the PNG RFL High-Performance team to ensure top level coaching and training reaches the grassroots to help build rugby league skills across the nation.