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Media Releases, 29 August 2019

PNG LNG supports School Board Members Leadership and Governance Training

PNG LNG supports School Board Members Leadership and Governance Training
Participants of the weeklong Leadership & Governance training together with ESDCS Trainer, Esmie Sinapa and ExxonMobil PNG representatives including HGCP Senior Field Superintendent, Ken Musante.

Twenty-eight school board members from 10 primary schools within Komo-Magarima and Tari-Pori recently attended a weeklong Leadership and Governance Training. 

The training is part of an ongoing effort by ExxonMobil PNG and the Hela Provincial Government through its education division to empower and educate the School Board of Management members of their roles and responsibilities and the positive impact they can have on their school’s operations. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony, ExxonMobil PNG Senior Field Superintendent for Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP), Ken Musante, remarked that “Good governance and leadership on the school board level is a prerequisite for any educational institution wanting to provide quality education to children in Papua New Guinea.” 

The Leadership and Governance Training was conducted by Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services (ESDCS). The training was derived from the School Board of Management Training Manual which was developed in 2016 by ESDCS with the support from ExxonMobil PNG Limited.

Musante thanked the Hela Provincial Education Division for their support towards the Leadership and Governance Training saying “having strong and effective board members in the schools will transform the schools overall performances.”

ESDCS Director Esmie Sinapa said since its inception, the program has upskilled the school board members and community leaders from 14 schools in the project areas and has empowered them to take the lead in bringing about change for the schools and communities they represent.

“It’s really great to see the participant’s eagerness to transfer what they have learnt over the week to other school board members and village leaders within their area,” Ms Sinapa said. 

She said the training is not just about transferring knowledge to those that are at the frontline of delivering education to the future generation in schools but also about transferring knowledge to the community leaders.