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Media Releases, 07 May 2014

PNG LNG Project provides a platform for skills development

The PNG LNG Project, operated by ExxonMobil PNG Limited, has provided a significant platform for the development of skills and capacity building for Papua New Guinean citizens and institutions.

Managing Director of ExxonMobil PNG Limited, Peter Graham said many Papua New Guineans have been either trained, up-skilled or mentored, not just for the PNG LNG Project but for opportunities in other industries.

“Our PNG workforce has been vital to the success of the PNG LNG Project, which is ahead of schedule. Their contributions toward building the Project will have far-reaching benefits for the country.

“We have provided a wide range of training opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of our Papua New Guinean workforce. The experience and training we provide will help position our workers for future employment opportunities and build capacity in their local communities.

“We recognise that making the most of energy resources in this country is about more than LNG production – it’s about developing people and capacity, and creating and delivering long-term benefits to local communities.

“Thank you everyone,” Mr Graham concluded.

He said to date, the PNG LNG Project has:

  • Trained more than 10,000 PNG citizens for construction and operation roles
  • Provided more than 2.13 million hours of training to PNG citizens
  • Trained more than 1,600 workers, including 30% women, at construction training facilities in Port Moresby and in the Highlands
  • Trained almost 140 operations and maintenance technicians to operate the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant and the LNG Plant during production more than 2.48 billion Kina (US$1.02 billion) was spent with lancos.