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Media Releases, 16 December 2015

Investing in communities to improve quality of life

ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG), operator of the PNG LNG project has thanked its Papua New Guinea development and community partners in 2015 at an event in Port Moresby. 

EMPNG Managing Director, Andrew Barry said the company was proud of the partnerships it has developed over the years with a range of community organisations, helping to create opportunities for current and future generations.

"By working with PNG development and community partners to help to build capacity through training, infrastructure support and strengthening the capacity of women and community representatives, together we can help make a significant contribution to the development of Papua New Guinea," said Barry.

This year EMPNG has supported 50 development partners through various programs in education, health, law and justice and supported livelihood strategy development such as agriculture, cultural promotion and the environment.

Barry further added that EMPNG believes that through these various initiatives, it will help to enhance economic growth and improve the overall standard of living in the country.

The function also saw five of its main community investment and development partners comprising of, The Voice Inc., Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants, ANUe, Port Moresby Nature Park and APNGWLN showcase their different programs.