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Media Releases, 22 March 2016

EMPNG funds teachers’ houses

ExxonMobil PNG Limited, Operator of the PNG LNG Project, has funded four new teachers’ houses, to be built at Papa Elementary School and Porebada, Boera, and Lealea Primary Schools. 

ExxonMobil PNG has signed the community agreements with the four villages for the construction of the houses to commence at the end of March. 

ExxonMobil PNG believes that education is fundamental to giving children the best possible future and ultimately driving continued social and economic development of Papua New Guinea.

Public and Government Affairs Manager Daniel Worrall said that ExxonMobil PNG recognises that having well supported and resourced teachers is a key enabler to a better education for children.  

“We all know that clean, safe and healthy environments for our dedicated teachers are an important component of successful teaching and learning outcomes for students,” said Mr Worrall.

Deputy Provincial Administrator for Central Province Edward Kila said the support from ExxonMobil PNG will help to foster education in the four villages and contribute to the overall academic performance of Central Province.

"This contribution from ExxonMobil PNG will make a difference and, through quality education, students will grow strong and make our communities proud," said Mr Kila.

ExxonMobil PNG has been providing support to schools in the Project area since 2010. This has included providing desks, learning and teaching materials, end of year awards, support for school carnivals and water deliveries so that schools could remain open during the drought period.

ExxonMobil PNG has supported training for the schools’ Board of Management to provide them with skills, knowledge and desired attitude that is required for Board of Management members to effectively perform their roles and functions as a unified and influential board.

School profiling has assisted ExxonMobil PNG to assess the capacity of schools and assist it to identify key areas of collaboration.

ExxonMobil PNG staff volunteer as science ambassadors taking great pride in teaching students about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math, inspiring children to think about the opportunities that they have that their parents may not have had.  

In 2015 ExxonMobil PNG invested a total of 2.2 million Kina in education in the Project areas.