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Media Releases, 19 January 2016

Ambulance for Kikori Rural Hospital

ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG), operator of the PNG LNG project recently visited the Kikori Rural Hospital to donate a fully kitted ambulance.

The EMPNG Upstream Community Development Support Analyst Debbie Maraki when handing over the ambulance said, “ExxonMobil recognizes that healthy citizens are integral part of the growth and development of the country so it has been investing in health programs in communities it operates to improve the lives of the people.”

Located in the Gulf Province, the hospital is managed by Gulf Christian Services. On average it admits 30 patients per month.

The hospital provides basic health services through its outpatient and inpatient services. Patients that require further medical assistance are referred to the Mendi Hospital in the Southern Highlands Province and Kerema Hospital in the Gulf Province.

Serving over 20,000 people in Kikori and the surrounding communities including Gobe and Samberigi in the Southern Highlands Province, the hospital has been operating without an ambulance for the past 11 months.

Maraki added, “EMPNG hopes that the ambulance will ease the hospital’s challenge of mobility during emergency and referral of patients so it can provide adequate and efficient health services to the people of Kikori.”

Kikori Rural Hospital’s Administrator, Larry Kaipu said, “The new ambulance will help us resume the vital service.”

He thanked EMPNG for the ambulance and for the continuous support to the hospital over the years through various assistance including water tanks, hospital mattresses and maintenance of the hospital.

Much of the Kikori Rural Hospital’s service is focused on treatment and prevention of Tuberculosis after high incidences of TB were detected in the area through studies conducted by PNG Institute of Medical Research (IMR) supported by EMPNG.

Early last year, the company also assisted the hospital with funds to carry out a medical community outreach to nearby villages for TB awareness and screening for early detection and treatment.

Kaipu further added, “EMPNG’s financial assistance to combat TB through diagnostic and awareness program rolled out in 2015 has seen positive results and the hospital and the people of Kikori were very grateful to ExxonMobil for its continuous support”.