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Media Releases, 06 April 2020

Adapting to a new way of working at ExxonMobil PNG

Adapting to a new way of working at ExxonMobil PNG
Julie Kutan-Kassman, Tenant Services Administrator at ExxonMobil Haus in Port Moresby, is adapting to working from home by following ExxonMobil guidelines on safekeeping of company assets and spending her breaks with family.

Committed to preventing COVID-19 in the work place, the team at ExxonMobil PNG are following guidance from the PNG Government, global health authorities and ExxonMobil global practices to implement measures including physical distancing, enhanced hygiene practices, and in some cases where appropriate, enabling employees to work remotely. 

Julie Kutan-Kassman is Tenant Services Administrator at ExxonMobil Haus in Port Moresby and also a mum of four who is finding her new normal as she adapts to working from home. 

Since transitioning from the office to her home, Julie has experienced challenges ranging from finding the right working space and juggling parenting to staying focused on work tasks. 

“To better get yourself into a work mindset, identify a space at home to separate the household from the work setting and get dressed as if you were going into the office each day,” Julie suggested.  

“It’s a mental reminder that even though you are at home, you still have to go to work. During breaks, allow around 10 minutes to check on what the family is up to and engage in their activity as well.” 

Julie’s fellow wanwok, Oripa Popat, Industrial Hygiene Technician at ExxonMobil PNG, agrees that finding the right workspace for physical and mental health is just as important as finding a schedule that works for you and your family.

“Using the guidance provided by ExxonMobil, I completed an ergonomic self-assessment and adjusted my workspace at home to ensure I’m positioned in a way that doesn’t put stress on my body while working,” Oripa said. 

“I believe it is our obligation to share health and safety messages with our families and communities, and most importantly be a role model for good health and safe choices or practices. During these challenging times, it’s so important to keep both your physical and mental health in check and to also pay extra attention to the health and wellbeing of your families and wanwoks.”  

As the events of COVID-19 rapidly unfold and impact lives around the world, ExxonMobil PNG remains focused on the health and safety of its employees and their families by providing ongoing education, postponing non-critical activities, increasing the frequency of cleaning services and temperature screening of employees before they enter facilities.

Andrew Barry, Managing Director at ExxonMobil PNG, said Julie, Oripa and their fellow wanwoks are a testament to the commitment, passion and values shared by the ExxonMobil PNG workforce.

“At ExxonMobil PNG, a culture has been born where we care about the work we do, the way we do it, the people we work with, the communities where we operate and the people who live in them,” Mr. Barry said. 

“We are inspired by how our workforce is adapting and adhering to the evolving health guidance and physical distancing measures to keep the PNG LNG Project running safely for Papua New Guinea and our stakeholders.”