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Media Releases, 15 November 2018

APEC Voices of the Future representatives visit PNG LNG Plant

APEC Voices of the Future representatives visit PNG LNG Plant

Over 70 youth representatives representing the 21 APEC economies at the 20th APEC Voices of the Future program were proudly welcomed by ExxonMobil PNG as they toured the PNG LNG Plant near Port Moresby on Wednesday 14 November.

The students, aged 16 to 30, were selected for their potential as future leaders of their economies. They are in PNG to attend APEC Leaders Week and witness first hand decision making at the highest level. Of the participants from Papua New Guinea, six are currently employed with ExxonMobil PNG.

They networked with management and the operations and maintenance staff responsible for operating the LNG Plant.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director, Andrew Barry, said ExxonMobil PNG was proud to host the students which gave its Papua New Guinean staff an opportunity to share their expertise and stories with their international peers. 

“We are very grateful to APEC for this opportunity. Networking opportunities for our young team early in their careers helps to broaden their perspectives and life experiences. This is essential for their development as future leaders in our business,” said Mr Barry. “We are not only focused on equipping our workforce with the experience and competencies needed to run our facilities but we encourage them to use those skills to contribute to the betterment of their communities.”

Mr Barry congratulated APEC for 20 years of the Voices of the Future program.

“ExxonMobil PNG has been a proud APEC partner throughout 2018. We have supported events, addressed audiences, sponsored international speakers and contributed to the all-important networking functions.

“APEC has provided many opportunities for dialogue, introductions and conversations,” he said.

Mr Barry encouraged the Voices of the Future participants to participate in those conversations by meeting as many people as possible and asking lots of questions during their time in PNG.

He hoped that the next time they attend an APEC event it would be as a leader of their economy.