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Lynette: Land Manager

ExxonMobil PNG Limited Land Manager, Lynette, is proof that anyone can overcome challenges and succeed when they put their mind to it.

Lynette began her legal career in 2001 after graduating with a law degree from the University of Papua New Guinea. After gaining 10 years of industry experience, Lynette applied for a third party contractor position with ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) as an Independent Advocate with the Resettlement Program at Hides.

As a result of her hard work and dedication, Lynette was quickly promoted to Land Agreement Coordinator in 2013 before she took on the position of Land Lead in 2014.

The following year, Lynette became the Land Manager and now leads a team who evaluate and manage risks relating to land access obligations. Managing a team of Papua New Guinean staff has helped to increase Lynette’s leadership, management and staff development skills while the completion of work assignments has expanded her contracting and commercial experience.

Growing in the role has presented many challenges for Lynette as she continues to improve her leadership skills to maximise organisation efficiency. To overcome these challenges, Lynette seeks guidance from supervisors and experienced colleagues before she implements the appropriate actions to solve the problem.

Lynette values her role as it enables her to interact with staff in a supportive learning environment. This love for interaction and support extends into her volunteer work where, as Chairperson of EMPNG’s Women in Energy Network, she aims to further women’s development in PNG by providing opportunities for women to connect, inspire and learn.

Although her career is abundant in achievements, Lynette acknowledges her work in progressing the conversion of cash to electronic payments along the Project footprint as her most significant achievement to date.

“Working for ExxonMobil PNG has excelled my career in the LNG industry and provided me with skills to confidently assert myself within my position,” said Lynette.

“I enjoy working for a company that aligns with my personal values and I believe ExxonMobil PNG has greatly contributed to the economic growth, learning, employment and infrastructure of Papua New Guinea.”

Over the next five years, Lynette aims to continue working towards further developing her knowledge and understanding of the industry to progress to a senior management position and hopes to one-day experience an overseas assignment with ExxonMobil.