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PNG LNG Project Delivers Record Revenues to PNG

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Media Releases , 16 October 2019

An African Yam Farmer in Hides

Ekanda Hole, member of the Imini clan, lives in Belopa Village, Hides, Hela Province, where he relies on substance agriculture for his livelihood. Traditionally, the role of Huli men is to dig ditches, make fences, and build houses, while women garden and care for livestock. Despite this, Ekanda dre...
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Media Releases , 04 October 2019

Threading the needle to build women and men’s capacity in garment tailoring

A small group of women and men are determined to make a difference by building the capacity of other women in their communities through a training on sewing and garment tailoring. The ten women and two men from Papa village in the Central Province undertook a weeklong refresher training on sewing ma...
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Media Releases , 03 October 2019

PNG LNG wins Rope Challenge and comes 3rd place in Theory Contest

Newcomer Team PNG LNG is the first place winner of the rope challenge and the third place winner of the theory contest in the 2019 Extractive Industry Emergency Response Challenge. The seven man team was comprised of staff based at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) and the Port Moresby based L...
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Media Releases , 02 October 2019

Managing Workplace Health Risks a Priority

Committed to ensuring the workplace is safe for its workforce, ExxonMobil PNG, operator of PNG LNG Project continuously looks to improving its occupational health programs. ExxonMobil PNG was among several companies that participated in the 4th National Environmental Health and Safety Symposium held...
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Media Releases , 17 September 2019

ExxonMobil PNG supports Komo LLG’s Independence Celebrations

For the first time after 37 years, the Komo station in Hela Province came to life with traditional dance and songs as the community gathered to commemorate the country's 44th independence anniversary on September 16. The operator of the PNG LNG Project, ExxonMobil PNG, is proud to be supporting ...
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Media Releases , 11 September 2019

Building skills through world-class training

At the PNG LNG Project, a strong safety philosophy is underpinned by training to ensure the workforce has the right knowledge and skills to respond efficiently and effectively to potential onsite emergencies, including fires. Thirteen Papua New Guinean operations technicians travelled to Esso Austra...
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Media Releases , 09 September 2019

PNG LNG supports the promotion of cultural heritage of the country

This year promises to be another exciting year with the operator of PNG LNG Project, ExxonMobil PNG, reaffirming its ongoing support of over K50,000 to the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso festival. The presentation was made to the Festival committee member recently at the Daga village in the Southern Highla...
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Media Releases , 04 September 2019

ExxonMobil PNG wins Global Award for Safety

ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG), operator of the PNG LNG Project, recorded a strong safety performance, resulting in it being recognised with the Security, Safety, Health and Environment Performance and Perseverance Award for 2018. This honor is awarded annually by ExxonMobil’s global Upstream Operatio...
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Media Releases , 02 September 2019

Early Childhood Development

Providing early childhood educators the tools they need to shape a child’s learning is crucial and remains the mission of Buk bilong Pikinini with the support of ExxonMobil PNG, operator of the PNG LNG Project. A two-week training concluded recently in Boera, which focused on expanding teacher...
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Media Releases , 29 August 2019

PNG LNG supports School Board Members Leadership and Governance Training

Twenty-eight school board members from 10 primary schools within Komo-Magarima and Tari-Pori recently attended a weeklong Leadership and Governance Training. The training is part of an ongoing effort by ExxonMobil PNG and the Hela Provincial Government through its education division to empower and e...
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